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Pallet trucks T 16 -T 20
Pallet Truck Capacity 1600,1800 and 2000kg (Series 1152)
With its compact slim line, low profile chassis this versatile truck is ideal for working in the confined areas of lorries for example as well as for efficient pallet transfers and marshalling duties. The low pivoting tiller arm places the operator a safe and comfortable distance from the truck while working and the intuitive dual controls grouped on the tiller head are designed for ease of use by either hand. Operator safety features include a rugged profiled hand guard and low steel chassis surround to protect the feet. The pivoting castor wheels always remain safely within the contours of the chassis. This superb compact range represents outstanding value for extremely economical and reliable load handling.


Pallet trucks T 16 L
Pallet truck with egonomic lift Capacity 1600 and 800 kg (Series 1152)
Linde T 16 L provides an outstanding compromise between a pallet truck and an adjustable working table. Its small mast enables to lift the pallet up to 804 mm, an ergonomic working position to pick parcels up or drop them off. The T 16 L matches perfectly with the shelves refurbishment in retail shops or handling in industrial activities, such as entry or end of assembly lines. Additional buttons, available on each side of the truck, enables to adjust the pallet height according the load height, thus keeing an ergonimic and healthy working position. This fork adjustment can be automated if parcels are organized in layers on the forks. This truck benefits from a lot of innovative features to simplify the driver‘s daily job, to improve his safety and to make the truck stronger.


Pallet trucks T 20 SF
Stand-on Pallet Truck Capacity 2000 kg (Series 144)
The Linde T 20 SF stand-on pallet truck provides the optimum solution for applications requiring rapid internal pallet transfers, marshalling duties and lorry loading/unloading. Its four point configuration ensures exceptional stability when travelling, manoeuvring and cornering, while the low service weight and slim 790 mm wide chassis makes it ideal for use on approved mezzanine floors, service elevators, road trailers and containers as well as easy access to block stacks. The innovative Linde twin-grip, self centring steering control and electric power steering make light work of travelling and manoeuvring and the unique twin-grip design also enables the operator to adopt the optimum strain-free ergonomic driving posture for travelling, reversing and load handling.

Pallet trucks T 20 S
Stand-on Pallet Truck Capacity 2000 kg (Series 144)
The highly popular Linde T 20 S stand-on pallet truck is designed for intensive industrial applications where maximum throughput per shift is demanded for duties such as loading/unloading, marshalling and rapid pallet transfers. The ergonomic controls combine with a compact steering wheel and electric steering for fatigue-free operator comfort and effortless manoeuvring and load handling. With automatic equalising linkage for excellent stability and 125 mm initial lift to easily negotiate loading ramps and bridge plates, this versatile, multi-purpose truck will adapt to a wide variety of applications. The impressive performance and comfort of this compact, easy to operate truck enables the operator to work safely and continuously during each shift with maximum efficiency.


Pallet trucks T 20 R
Rider Seated Pallet Truck Capacity 2000 kg (Series 140)
The Linde T 20 R rider pallet truck offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for the rapid internal transfer of loads over long distances as well as lorry loading unloading duties for faster turnarounds. With its 125 mm of lift loading ramps and bridging plates are negotiated with ease and the Linde digital control provides seamless traction control with no roll back on gradient starts. Inherent stability is essential in intensive applications and the four point configuration of this model together with automatic equalising linkage ensures all wheels remain in constant contact with the ground. The sideways seating position in the ergonomic and highly functional operator’s compartment enables strain-free travelling in either direction and the fully adjustable comfort-class suspension seat ensures a comfortable and motivated operator.

Pallet trucks T 20-24 AP-SP
Platform Pallet Truck Capacity 2000 & 2400 kg (Series 131)
Innovation is the driving force of progress and the development of the new Linde range of stand-on electric pallet trucks is an outstanding example of this philosophy. Designed for optimum versatility there are two versions: The AP model, which has a folding stand-on platform and side guards enabling operation in both pedestrian and stand-on mode. The SP version has a fixed stand-on platform and is fitted with the innovative Linde e-driver controller, which enables the operator to adopt the ideal 45 degrees driving posture when travelling in either direction. Rapid pallet transfers, marshalling and lorry loading/unloading duties are a key link in busy supply chains and the new Linde range is designed to carry out these tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively than had ever previously been possible, combined with unsurpassed operator comfort and safety.

Transportation Pallet Truck T20SP

Pallet trucks T 30
Pedestrian Pallet Truck Capacity 3000 kg (Series 131)
Materials handling operations place heavy demands on both truck and operator and the impressive Linde T 30 pedestrian pallet truck is designed to meet the challenge of these demands with its rugged construction, high performance and refined operator work station. Incorporating powerful, high torque AC traction and pump technology the T 30 negotiates gradients and loading ramps with ease. The compact tiller with all the controls grouped for ease of use by either hand presents the operator with the perfect fatigue-free working interface. Designed to handle the heavier loads encountered in some applications, the T 30 provides a highly efficient solution for pallet transfersand lorry loading/unloading duties as well as occasional order picking.


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