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IC-Trucks H 14-20 EVO
Diesel, LPG and CNG Forklift Trucks Capacity 1400 – 2000 kg (Series 391-00 EVO)
This highly successful series of compact hydrostatic drive engine trucks has established an enviable reputation for exceptionally costeffective efficiency and productivity, coupled with reduced fuel and maintenance costs. As with all Linde trucks the operator takes priority and in this case the operator enjoys unsurpassed levels of comfort and safety within the Linde Protector Frame protective zone. This innovative range of trucks is fitted with the world renowned Linde hydrostatic transmission system with the added feature of direct hydrostatic drive of the front wheels without reduction gears. This virtually maintenance-free system delivers seamless acceleration, reversing and precision load handling. Among the many features included in these outstanding trucks is the resilient mounting of the integrated mast and front axle. Isolation of the mast and drive axle from the cab and chassis provides cushioned comfort and protection from road shocks and vibrations. Whatever the industry or application an investment in these highly economical models is guaranteed to deliver rapid returns for any business.


IC-Trucks H 20-25 EVO Datasheet

IC-Trucks H 25-35 EVO Datasheet
IC-Trucks H 20-25 EVO
Diesel, LPG and CNG Forklift Trucks Capacity 2000 – 2500 kg (Series 392-02 EVO)

IC-Trucks H 25-35 EVO

Diesel, LPG and CNG Forklift Trucks Capacity 2500 – 3500 kg (Series 393-02 EVO)

The many unique features included in this fine series include slimline mast profiles for excellent visibility and the virtually maintenance-free Linde hydrostatic transmission, coupled with powerful, fuel efficient engines and twin accelerator pedals for smooth seamless load handling that has to be seen to be believed. Operator comfort and safety is optimised by the integrated chassis and operator’s module, which form the Linde Protector Frame to create the ultimate safety zone. The spacious cab is cushioned from road shocks and vibrations by the resilient mast/axle assembly mountings which are unique in the industry. Added to this the top mounted tilt jacks are also resiliently mounted and have cushioned tilt travel stops for outstandingly smooth load handling. This excellent range sets the standards for functional style, performance, comfort and safety. The low-maintenance design addresses the need to deliver consistent reliability and high performance, while keeping handling costs to a minimum.

IC-Trucks H 40-50 EVO
Diesel, LPG and CNG Forklift Trucks Capacity 4000 – 5000 kg (Series 394-02 EVO)
With capacities from 4000 kg to 5000 kg the truck is part of an outstanding new series, which has led a quiet revolution in the design of engine powered trucks. Some of the features that have created this quiet revolution include the resiliently mounted mast and axle assembly, which cushions the operator’s compartment from vibrations. Fitted with the exceptionally fuel-efficient and virtually maintenance-free Linde hydrostatic transmission and the Linde twin accelerator pedal system, the formidable performance of the truck makes it the first choice for handling heavy, high value loads with sensitivity and precision. A comfortable operator is a motivated one and this outstanding series is the ultimate motivator providing the perfect interface between operator and truck, resulting in fatigue-free comfort and superb efficiency and productivity levels. An investment in this superb series is a solid investment with rapid returns assured.

IC-Trucks H 50-80/1100
Diesel and LPG Forklift Trucks Capacity 5000 – 8000 kg (Series 396-02)
With a capacity range from 5000 up to 8000 kg this is the largest truck in an outstanding new series combining rugged power and performance with controlled refinement for smooth precise handling of heavy, high value loads. The unique Linde Torsional Support system absorbs up to 30 per cent of the dynamic torsional effects generated by heavy bulky loads, resulting in exceptionally stable and safe load handling in the toughest of operating conditions. Powered by a modern, high performance 85 kW common rail diesel engine and the virtually maintenance-free Linde hydrostatic transmission system, this fine heavy truck range displays an agility and versatility which is second to none. From the spacious and superbly comfortable operator’s compartment, which is isolated and cushioned from road shocks and vibrations, the operator is able to work with fatigue-free efficiency throughout the shift.


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