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Tow tractors P 30
Electric Tow Tractor with Platform Capacity 3000 kg (Series 132-02)
The working environment of a tow tractor is often in confined areas such as those encountered around assembly lines, so the superb driving characteristics incorporated in the highly versatile Linde P 30 tow tractor deliver perfect steering control, powerful traction performance and panoramic all-round visibility, making it the ideal choice. The P 30 stand-on electric tow tractor with a nominal towing capacity of 3000 kg excels in internal load transfer duties due to its outstanding comfort, performance and safety. The operator always feels at ease while working. The unique Linde twin-grip steering control and compact design results in a high throughput rates when having to negotiate confined spaces, narrow passageways, dock levellers, bridging plates and service elevators.


Tow tractors P 50
Pedestrian Tow Tractor Capacity 5000 kg
(Series 131-04)

The versatile P 50 electric tractor with a nominal towing capacity of 5000 kg is designed for applications requiring the efficient internal transport of single or multiple trailer loads in a wide variety of applications. Its smooth performance, compactness and handling ability enables the operator to work through the shift with high efficiency and without fatigue. The P 50 pedestrian electric tow tractor excels in rapid load transfer duties due to its assured handling, impressive performance and safety. Outstanding manoeuvrability in confined spaces, narrow passageways and service elevators results in high throughput rates. The 3 point contact configuration provides optimum stability and tractionto cope with dock levellers or ramps in intensive applications.

Tow tractors P30C/P50C
Electric Stand-on Tow Tractor Capacity 3000 kg & 5000 kg
(Series 1190)

The superb new series of compact Linde electric stand-on tow tractors P30C and P50C offer a driving experience and performance previously unknown in industrial tractors. Designed to undertake multiple load transfer duties in a wide variety of applications where space is at a premium and also as an integral link in busy manufacturing and distribution supply chains. Unique Linde twin-grip self centring electric steering for effortless travelling and manoeuvring and a cushioned operators platform with a scoop seat provides superb operator comfort for efficient, fatiguefree working. With nominal towing capacities of 3000 kg and 5000 kg respectively and incorporating powerful high-torque, maintenance-free drive motors these versatile and rugged tow tractors will undertake the most demanding of tasks with ease.


Tow tractors P20 / W04
Electric Tow Tractor Capacity 2000 kg and Load Transporter Capacity 400 kg
(Series 1193-00)

The new compact tow tractor P20 with 2.000kg load capacity is with only 600 mm width perfectly suited for applications in narrow aisles. The foldable and height adjustable seat offers the operator more comfort for driving long distances. Another benefit of the versatile truck is the lateral and vertical battery change in one chassis. A load transporter version W04 with 400 kg load capacity on platform is also available.

Tow tractors P 60-80 / W08
Electric Tow Tractor Capacity 6000 kg + 8000 kg and Load Transporter Capacity 800 kg
(Series 1191-00)

The new Linde 6.0 t + 8.0 t tractor & load transporter product range offers increased towing and driving performance with improved efficiency. The operator’s compartment provides superb ergonomics and a spacious drivers area. Gradient hold control & gradient start assist / performance & energy saving modes together with easy battery changing from the side promotes greater safety and productivity. With its three wheel configuration and 6 - 8 tonne nominal towing capacity the compact Linde P 60 – P 80 electric tow tractor and W 08 load transporter is superbly versatile and manoeuvrable making it the ideal choice for applications requiring the rapid and efficient transfer of multiple trailer loads in various industrial and commercial applications as well as specialised repair workshop duties. Whether in an automotive plant or at an airport the P 60 – P 80 and W 08 can be found negotiating the ramps and loading docks with ease. Its rugged construction ensures durability and consistent reliability.


Tow tractors P 250
Electric Tow Tractor 25.0 t
(Series 127-05)

The superbly stylish yet highly functional Linde P 250, four wheel electric tow tractor provides the ideal multiple load transfer solution for a wide variety of applications including airports, automotive plants, and the military for example. Incorporating an advanced digital control system and powerful high-torque, twin drive AC technology the P 250 completes intensive medium and long distance transfer duties rapidly and with safe efficiency. The spacious, all-weather cabin provides the operator with automotive levels of comfort and safety for fatigue-free working and consistently high productivity. With three independent braking systems and automatic speed control on gradients this rugged and versatile tractor will undertake the toughest of towing tasks with ease.

Tow tractors W 20
Electric platform tractor 2.0 t
(Series 127-06)

The highly adaptable Linde four wheel electric platform tractor series W 20 has the dual capability of carrying a 2 tonne load on the platform and towing a nominal 4.5 tonne trailer load. The automotive layout of the cushioned operator’s cabin provides an excellent working environment and energy saving on-demand hydrostatic power steering enables impressive manoeuvrability in confined areas. Developed to provide a versatile solution in a wide variety of applications such as distribution, manufacturing, postal services and fruit markets the W 20 is ideal for an almost infinite range of specialised adaptations in the global markets.


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